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01. Circulation Pump


Wire in your existing circulation pump to have full control over timing, filtration hours and safety shut off (up to 1.5HP, for bigger pumps refer to wiring diagrams).

*Smart pool does not currently work with variable speed pumps*

02. Heating

You can control your pool heating 3 different ways depending on what you have. 

01.  Using the circ pump to turn the heating on and off (for air-source heat pumps of heating with exsisting flow switches) this is set in the weather shift timer.

02.  Mainly used for heat exchangers from a boiler- using the switch wire, wire into the heating relay.

03. Using the heating relay you can wire into a heavy load relay to control older air-source heat pumps.


03. Automatic Cover Control

01. Using the cover control relays you are able to open most electric covers, so you can ask Alexia to get the pool ready for you, or simply open it from your smart phone.

(It cannot control covers that do not have built in stop points).


04. UV or Ozone 

Wire your UV or Ozone into smart pool to gain full control and bulb replacement timers, also works with our saftey shut off so your secondary disinfection turns on and off when it should.


05. Disinfectant & Ph Dosing

Smart pool can control new or existing Disinfectant & Ph dosing pumps, just wire them into our relays.

06. Pool Lights 

Wire your light transformer directly into smart pool for full lighting control inc Alexa. 


With our 3  Aux relays you can control Swim Jets, Water Features, Water Slides, Lighting, PAC dosing pumps, Steam Rooms, Saunas, Secondary Circ pumps. inc Alexa control.

07. Aux Relays

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