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SmartPool Product Software Update Compliance Notice:

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for choosing our SmartPool product for your aquatic needs. We want to ensure that you have all the information you need regarding software updates.

1. Software Updates Exclusion:

  • Please note that software updates are not automatically included with the purchase of SmartPool products.

  • Updates are available upon specific request through SmartPool or our authorized distributor, Certikin.

2. Request Procedure:

  • If you wish to receive software updates for your SmartPool device, please use the contact form below to make a formal request.

  • Ensure to provide the necessary details, including the serial number of your SmartPool device.

3. Serial Number Requirement:

  • To ensure accurate and compatible updates, the serial number of the SmartPool device is mandatory.

  • The serial number is located on the right side of the exterior of the unit.

  • If you are unable to find the serial number, please state it below in the contact form, and a member of the technical team will assist you.

4. Customer Responsibility:

  • It is your responsibility to initiate the request for software updates.

  • Regularly check for updates to keep your SmartPool device up to date with the latest features, improvements, and security enhancements.

5. Importance of Software Updates:

  • Updates are crucial for enhancing the functionality, performance, and security of your SmartPool product.

  • Ignoring updates may result in missed features, potential vulnerabilities, or reduced compatibility with new technologies.

6. Technical Support:

  • Our technical support team is available to assist you with any queries or concerns related to software updates.

  • Contact our support channels or use the contact form below for guidance on the update process or if you encounter any challenges.

Contact Form:

  • [Include the contact form or a link to the contact form here.]

  • If you are unable to find the serial number, please specify in the form, and a member of our technical team will assist you.

Thank you for choosing SmartPool. We are dedicated to providing you with a reliable and enjoyable experience with our products. Feel free to reach out through the contact form if you have any questions or require further assistance.


SmartPool Systems

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​Updated Software Application

Thank you, we will contact you shortly.


Manual's download

Install Manual

User Manual

Software Bugs/Error Form

Dear valued customer,

Your feedback is crucial to ensuring the reliability and security of our software. If you have encountered any software bugs, errors, or security breaches, please use this form to provide detailed information. Your input will assist us in promptly addressing and resolving these issues to enhance the overall user experience.


  • Please fill out the form below with accurate and specific details about the encountered issue.

  • Include information such as the software version, device details, steps to reproduce the problem, and any error messages received.

  • For security breaches, provide as much context as possible, including the nature of the breach and any potential impact.

Submit the Form:

  • Click the 'Submit' button to send your report securely to our technical support team.

Thank you for your cooperation. We appreciate your vigilance in helping us maintain the highest standards of software performance and security.


Smartpool Systems

softare bugs
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Software Bugs/Error report 

Thanks for alerting us to an issue, you will be contacted


SmartPool Systems GDPR Compliance Notice:

Dear Valued Customer,

At SmartPool Systems, we prioritize the privacy and data protection of our customers. In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we want to assure you of our commitment to handling your data responsibly. Below is an overview of our GDPR compliance and data management practices:

1. Data Responsibility:

  • SmartPool Systems does not directly collect or hold customer data. Our esteemed supplier, Certikin, manages customer data on our behalf.

2. Data Handling by Certikin:

  • Certikin is our trusted supplier responsible for customer data management.

  • Certikin adheres to GDPR regulations and implements robust security measures to safeguard your information.

3. Purpose of Data Collection:

  • Customer data is collected and processed by Certikin for the sole purpose of providing support, updates, and services related to SmartPool products.

  • SmartPool Systems only receives aggregated and anonymized data for statistical analysis, ensuring individual privacy is maintained.

4. Limited Data Access:

  • Access to customer data is restricted to authorized personnel at Certikin who require it for specific purposes related to SmartPool product support.

5. Data Security Measures:

  • Certikin employs industry-standard security measures to protect customer data against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction.

6. Right to Access and Control:

  • Customers can exercise their rights under GDPR, such as the right to access, correct, or delete their personal data, directly through Certikin, our designated data processor.

7. Data Retention:

  • Certikin retains customer data only for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected and in accordance with GDPR requirements.

8. Notification of Data Breaches:

  • In the event of a data breach affecting customer data, Certikin and SmartPool Systems will adhere to GDPR regulations and promptly notify the appropriate authorities and affected individuals.

9. Consent for Communication:

  • Customers have the option to consent or withdraw consent for communication directly through Certikin. SmartPool Systems respects and honors these preferences.

10. Data Protection Officer:

  • Certikin has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to oversee data protection and privacy matters. The DPO can be contacted for any concerns related to the processing of customer data.

For further information or to exercise your rights under GDPR, please contact Certikin, our trusted data processor, using the contact details provided by them.

Thank you for entrusting SmartPool Systems with your aquatic needs. We are dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of data protection and privacy.


SmartPool Systems 

pars and fauls
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System faults & replacement parts

Thanks for alerting us to an issue, you will be contacted

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