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Dive into the future of pool management with SmartPool

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Simple Full Control.

Spa Pool

Take full command of your pool with our relay control system. You can effortlessly manage your pump, heating, lights, cover, and UV with either manual or timer-based control. Plus, with three additional open auxiliaries, you can easily integrate extra features such as swim jets, fountains, deck/surround lights, and more. Our relay control system enables you to customize your pool according to your specific requirements, making it the ultimate choice for personalized pool control.

Experience the ultimate pool management solution with Smartpool. Our state-of-the-art system allows you to take full control of your pool equipment, including manual or timer-based control of the pump, heating, lights, cover, and UV. With three additional open auxiliaries, you can also easily integrate extra features such as swim jets, fountains, deck/surround lights, and more, tailoring the system to your individual pool specifications.
Smartpool comes with built-in safety shut-off for your circ pump, heating, and UV, ensuring your pool is always safe and secure. Plus, you can coordinate equipment operation with weather forecasting for maximum efficiency, making sure your pool is always running at peak performance. Our system also includes sunset activation, enabling you to effortlessly open the cover, turn on the lights, and more.
What's more, Smartpool is configurable to automatically order pH solution and chlorine from your local supplier, taking the hassle out of pool maintenance. You'll also receive process guides to help you with regular pool maintenance, making upkeep a breeze. Make your pool the smartest it can be with Smartpool.

Developed Smart.

Transform the way you connect with your pool by integrating it with HomeKit and Alexa. With this cutting-edge technology, you can control your pool like never before, all from the convenience of your smart home devices.


Smart Pool comes in 2 versions 


Smart Pool
with 10.1" touch screen 


 Smart Pool  
Now with Internet Remote 

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 Smart Pool 


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